The Beaverton Homeschool Debate and Speech Club
for Christian Homeschoolers ages 14 to 18
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Welcome to the Beaverton Homeschool Debate and Speech Club. 
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For complete course details, please see our course tabs above or the Club FAQ page.

We are committed to...

Developing critical thinking and communication skills in Christian high school students.

The club is open to any homeschooling high school student, ages 14 to 18 (or grade 8th through 12th taking high school credit) who is able to attend and willing to uphold its Christian principles and work ethics in a friendly manner.

Unlike other homeschool communication leagues, we have no strict 51% homeschooled criteria, i.e. Cor Deo and Connections Academy students are eligible. Our club is for homeschoolers, but how and how much you homeschool is up to you.

Teaching practical skills for the benefit of all generations.

Our students learn more than theory and do more than have fun in friendly competition.

Taught by a former Paralegal and experienced debate and speech coach, our club emphasizes practical application of real world issues to help students become better thinking and communicating adults and citizens.

Therefore, we investigate the surrounding issues that relate to government, economics, law, politics, current events, worldview, business, and much more.

Providing a format that is achievable for busy homeschooling families. 

All theory lessons AND competition occurs within club time.

No travel required. No all weekend or multiple day events. No lengthy tournament schedules. 

Always local meetings.

Our Club meets Tuesdays during the school year and 
is hosted by the Southwest Hills Baptist Church Homeschool Co-Op at 9100 SW 135th Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon.

Offering classes that cover a broad spectrum of communication skills that grow as the student grows from year to year.

Policy Debate. Fall/Winter 18 week semester.The Resolution is announced, theory taught, and affirmative cases prepared during the first quarter. Then, competitive debate rounds are held in our club time during the 2nd quarter for a vigorous but encouraging debate experience. Student materials provided. Laptops or tablets strongly recommended. See Sign Up page and the Policy Debate section for additional information and recommended resources.

Competitive Speech and Apologetics. Winter/Spring 18 week semester. Speech types and Apologetics theory are taught during the first quarter, then the second quarter provides competitive speech and apologetics rounds in our club time. Most student materials provided (one textbook required). Laptops or tablets beneficial but not essential. See Sign Up page and our Platform Speech and Apologetics sections for additional information and recommended or required resources.

With changing competitive topics, student skills can continue to develop from year to year with each class taken. Every year will be a "new" year.  

Note: for either Policy Debate or Speech & Apologetics, all students must commit to the full semester, even returning students, as theory is integrated with direct application to that year's competition.

Offering incentives and awards to encourage students, providing valuable credits for the high school transcript.

We offer placement awards and incentive pins to earn as skill levels are achieved.

A teacher certificate of completion is provided with credit assessment help (as assessed by Basic Skills). Policy Debate and/or Competitive Speech & Apologetics look great on the high school transcript and as reference for college applications.

Most importantly, creating the next generation of communicators for Christ

Teaching students to become a good communicator is only part of our goal. We need wise communicators. We seek to help students practice conveying their ideas with respect, even when they disagree, even in the "heat of battle."

Our vision is to help the younger generation master the skills of effective communication and logical argumentation so that they may "sanctify the Lord in their hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks the reason of the hope that is in them, yet with gentleness and respect." I Peter 3:15